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Who Pays For Care?

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Who Pays For Care? You Could Be Eligible For Funding!

The realisation of the magnitude of paying for care in the UK can be daunting, whether the care is to be provided for yourself or a loved one, the financial strain is not needed.

Should I worry about Health Care Cost?

Continuing Healthcare is a package of care which has been offered to eligible individuals for many years, although each day we hear from individuals who have been given the wrong advice. The NHS funded package of care and social funding is offered to those who are a UK resident, aged 18 or above who have been assessed as having a primary health requirement. A primary health need is not based on a list of diseases or illnesses, it is assessed on a case by case basis and the overall care need of an individual.

Are You Entitled To Care Packages For The Elderly?

If you believe that you or a loved one may be eligible to receive funding, you can simply contact our advisers today at Continuing Healthcare Direct on 0844 248 3254 who will be more than happy to discuss your care needs. It only takes one phone call and we will be able to determine whether you have a successful claim!


The answer to ‘who pays for care’ is simple! The National Health Service has an obligation to provide the correct level of funding to those who are entitled to receive funding, whether the care is provided in a care home, hospice or even Home Help Costs, Continuing Healthcare funding is available.


Find out if you are eligible to receive funding by simply completing our online survey which is completely FREE and confidential. Alternatively you can contact a member of our friendly funding advisers on 0844 248 3254 who will be happy to review you or your loved one’s care requirements.