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What Is Continuing Healthcare?

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What Is Continuing Healthcare?

Continuing Healthcare

What is Continuing Healthcare?

The NHS is responsible for providing care for thousands of individuals in need, whether this is accommodation or specialist care. If the need for care is a health need, the NHS is required to provide care costs in full. However, many people have never been informed about this NHS funding, otherwise known as Continuing Healthcare.

The problem that commonly arises is the difficulty in securing Continuing Healthcare, let alone understanding what is Continuing Healthcare. Providing this funding is an expensive process for the NHS as it is also to cover the costs of care privately, depending on an individuals location and needs, the average weekly care costs in the UK can cost in the region of £800, or in the excess of over £40,000. Nevertheless, hundreds of individuals or their families who should be receiving Continuing Healthcare funding sadly are not.

As a result of this you could be paying for unnecessary healthcare costs for you or your loved ones. NHS Continuing Healthcare is for those who are assessed as having a Primary Health Need, if you are a UK resident and are over the age of 18 with a Primary Health Need, you should fit the criteria and could be eligible for Continuing Healthcare funding.

Continuing Healthcare Direct – How Can We Help?

Over recent years we have been contacted by various families in need of support when tackling the Continuing Healthcare assessment process and avoiding unnecessary care costs. At Continuing Healthcare Direct, we are able to assess an individual’s situation and determine whether you are entitled to this funding or whether you or your loved ones have been wrongly paying care costs in the past.

Our experts understand the difficulties you may face when trying to manage and cover the costs of care, with our sensitive and professional approach we can provide you with the support and guidance you need throughout the process of recovering any costs you may have already paid, or securing Continuing Healthcare funding.

By contacting our friendly team today you, relatives or friends will be able to find out more about Continuing Healthcare and the process required for assessment, providing you with peace of mind that you are receiving the care you need and are entitled to.

Contact Continuing Healthcare Direct today on 0844 248 3254 or take our brief survey and we will contact you to help you find out if you can receive the funding you are entitled to!