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What is CHC Funding?

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What Is CHC Funding? Am I Eligible?

What Is CHC Funding?

CHC Funding represents a package of care provided by the NHS otherwise called, Continuing Healthcare. Continuing Healthcare funding is given to people assessed as having primary healthcare needs, meaning that there main need for care relates to their health. Absolutely anyone can apply for this NHS funding, to be eligible you must be a UK resident and at least 18 years of age, with a primary health need.

CHC Funding is FREE, unlike some social, community and other care services. If you are eligible, you can receive CHC Funding in numerous settings including in your own home. The NHS will pay for healthcare and support costs within your own home to help assist an independent lifestyle if it best suited to you and your individual assessed needs.

CHC Funding can also be received in a care home. Alongside health and personal care, the NHS will cover the cost of care home fees, including accommodation. Irrespective of where the care is given and received, CHC Funding can cover the cost of all your healthcare needs and requirements. Get in touch with one of our friendly experts today and see if you could be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. Phone us on 0844 248 3254 or take our short online survey.

Continuing Healthcare Direct – How Can We Help You?

In order to receive CHC Funding an assessment process is followed to determine eligibility. The principles and processes surrounding CHC Funding are presented in The National Framework Guidelines, good quality assessment is essential and at the heart of Continuing Healthcare Direct therefore, we have broken it down into 3 simple stages:

– The NHS Continuing Healthcare checklist

– A full healthcare assessment

– The panel decision

Throughout the process, our friendly experts are on hand, here to listen to you, your views and wishes, and to answer any questions you may have with appropriate care and support in order to help you secure the CHC Funding that you are entitled to. Starting your claim couldn’t be simpler, just click here to complete our brief, FREE online survey or call one of our team on 0844 248 3254