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Continuing Care & The Process To Secure Funding

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Tackling the NHS alone to secure funding for continuing care can be daunting, but Continuing Healthcare Direct are here to help support you through the process to securing funding to cover 100% of care fees.

One of the most common questions in terms of continuing care is ‘Am I eligible?’
Each funding claim is reviewed on a case-by-case basis so the best thing to do to see if you’re eligible for funding is to contact one of the Continuing Healthcare Direct experts on 00000000000, or complete our short survey here.

There are many factors which are taken into consideration when it comes to continuing care but the key to securing funding is the individual’s health needs. Where a person’s primary need is a health need, it is the NHS that is responsible for providing for all their needs, including accommodation, if that is part of the overall need. The full criteria for whether people are entitled to NHS continuing healthcare are set out in the NHS Framework which is a national policy that covers the whole of England.

Follow our 3 step process to continuing care funding:

1. Complete our survey or speak to one of our continuing care experts to establish your eligibility to progress your funding claim

2. Take part in a full assessment of the individual’s care needs, categorised from ‘no needs’ to ‘priority’ needs

3. Continuing healthcare experts progress the funding claim and It’s at this stage that the final decision for funding will be made and passed on to the family

At Continuing Healthcare Direct we understand that balancing everyday life with the worries of funding a loved one’s care costs is hard, which is why we aim to take the stress out of continuing care funding. Contact us today to get started on 0844 248 3254