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Avoid Paying For Care Home Costs

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Paying for care home costs

Are You Needlessly Paying For Care Home Costs?

Are you one of many people paying for care home costs when they are entitled to funding that can cover the cost? Contact our team of experts at Continuing Healthcare Direct and ask about NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. We help people every day that are paying for care when they don’t need to, recovering previous costs, and preventing further unnecessary cost.

If your need for care is primarily a health need, you could be eligible to receive NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. This NHS funding is not in any way means tested and is based on a person’s individual healthcare needs and requirements. We guide people like you through the process to gain access to funding you are entitled to. If you have any concerns regarding how you will go on paying for care, contact us on 0844 248 3254 and find out more about the process of assessment and what step you should take next.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

If you need a lot of nursing support, the NHS has a duty of care to arrange and fund your care for you. NHS Continuing Healthcare assists individuals with there healthcare needs as a result of disabilities, accidents or illnesses and if you are eligible, paying for care is all taken care of covering full fees of nursing homes and hospices, although you can also get care at home if that is your preference.

As paying for care is expensive for the NHS, just as it is for individuals paying for care privately, there are circumstances where people who are entitled to the funding do not receive it. This is largely due to the fact that people are simply incorrectly informed about what services are available to them, or people are not being informed at all. Continuing Healthcare Direct aim to provide accurate and factual information about what services are available to individuals with continuing healthcare needs. In addition, we aim to help those who are entitled to NHS funding avoid paying for care.

Avoid Paying For Care With Continuing Healthcare Direct

If you have primarily healthcare needs and are paying for care, you may qualify for FREE NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, so it’s important to get an assessment and find out what you are entitled to.

Furthermore, if you know someone paying for care and you believe that their need for care is a health need then you should not hesitate to contact the Continuing Healthcare Direct team today. Our FREE online assessment is available for you to complete and a member of our team will contact you. Additionally, you can contact us directly on 0844 248 3254.