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Paying for Nursing home fees in UK

Nursing Home Fees And Continuing Healthcare – Are You Entitled To Funding?

If you are currently paying for nursing home fees for a loved one, or you are facing these costs in the near future, Continuing Healthcare Direct is here to assist. We have been offering our services to individuals across the UK for years and our funding specialists are on hand to help with any part of the assessment process or any questions you may have. The NHS offers funding for any individual whose primary need is a health need and yet thousands of people across the country are unaware that this funding exists. We would be delighted to tell you more and to help you to secure the funding that you are entitled to.

Over the years, we have helped many people with the Continuing Healthcare assessment process and have helped them to secure funding and also to recover funds that they may have already paid out in the past. Why pay for nursing home fees when you don’t need to? You could be paying hundreds and even thousands of pounds each month and even be facing the prospect of selling family assets in order to pay for care.

Fill in our simple assessment form today and find out whether you are eligible for funding for nursing home fees. Our funding specialists can tell you all you need to know and help you through the assessment process.

Am I Eligible For Funding For Nursing Home Fees?

Whether you have already applied for Continuing Healthcare nursing home fees funding or you are thinking about doing so, having our funding experts by your side can make a huge difference. We can give you all the guidance you need with the assessment process ensuring that you get a fair and honest assessment from the NHS. Many of our clients are not aware that they are eligible for funding or what the NHS criteria mean. We have years of experience in helping our clients to secure nursing home fees and we can do the same for you today.

By taking our online survey today, you will be taking the first steps towards a brighter and more affordable future for you and your loved one. Don’t consider selling the family home or dipping into savings for nursing home fees when you could be eligible to have 100% of these costs met by the NHS. Many of our clients have been delighted to find this is the case and we would be very happy to speak to you today.

Our Funding Experts Are Here To Assist – Complete Your Survey Today

Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we offer expert assistance in all aspects of continuing healthcare and we can answer any questions you may have about this NHS funding scheme. Whether you are currently paying nursing home fees or this is a cost you could be looking at in the future, we can help. Not everybody is eligible for this funding, but if your loved one’s primary need is a healthcare need there is a good chance they will be eligible.

Complete our easy to use survey online or speak to one of our funding experts today on 0800 049 2062 to find out more about the many people we have helped to secure funding and to recover costs from the past.