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Nursing Home Costs UK Avoided

Nursing Home Fees UK – How To Secure And Claim Back NHS Funding

If you are paying nursing home fees UK then you may be interested to know that you could have these fees paid in total by the NHS. Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we understand what a financial struggle it can be to find and pay for the right care for your loved one and that you might be facing using your savings or selling your family home. Did you know that if the primary need of your loved one is a care need that you could secure nursing home fees UK from the NHS? That’s 100% of the care home fees you are currently paying now.

Our funding experts are standing by right now ready to begin the assessment process with you and to secure your funding if you are eligible. We will take you through the entire process and ensure you get a fair and honest decision. The assessment can be quite complex and so you will be glad that you have our team on side to help you with the finer details and ensure you get a fair decision.

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You might be thinking that you will need to be means tested in order to fulfill the criteria of continuing healthcare, but this is not true. Your assets such as your home or savings are not taking into account by the assessment. The criteria revolves around the primary need of your loved one being a health need and this may cover one or more areas such as mobility, continence, behaviour or nutrition. We can help you with every stage of this process and help you to protect the assets you have worked hard for over the years.

We can also tell you more about our retrospective recovery process. If you have been paying nursing home fees UK wrongly then we can usually claim this money back on your behalf.

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