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What Is The Nursing Funding Process?

The majority of individuals will be required to have an assessment, at Continuing Healthcare Direct we offer an online survey, which is quick and simple which will allow our funding advisers to contact you to proceed to the following step.

Continuing Healthcare is a funded care and social package that is provided by the NHS as a duty of care to those living in the United Kingdom, above the age of 18 with a primary health requirement.

The decision-making process and assessment is a vital part of the funding eligibility process, and it is vital that you or your loved one is fully involved in the decisions being made. Requesting support for care is a big step, and many are reluctant to do so. This is why at Continuing Healthcare Direct we offer professional support and advice on all steps of the funding process. If you would like to receive any more information regarding the funding process, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 049 2062 for more information.

Who is eligible for nursing funding?

With Continuing Healthcare, there is no clear list of health conditions or illnesses that qualify automatically for funding for nursing. Possible eligible health needs may include the following;

  • Terminal illnesses,
  • Mobility problems,
  • Behavioural disorders,
  • Cognitive disorders,
  • Physical or mental disabilities


The list of health needs are a guide, and each case is individual. You could be eligible to receive 100% funding for all your care needs, whether that is in a care home, a hospice or your own home.
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