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NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist

NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist and What It Means

The NHS Continuing Healthcare checklist is the initial assessment that will be carried out prior to a full assessment being conducted and a decision about funding being made. There are many different scoring systems during the checklist phase and if you score enough during this stage, you will go through to the full assessment phase where the Decision Support Tool is used. We can give you all the details you need about the NHS Continuing Healthcare checklist and what you need to score to go further

Scores on the checklist cover a number of different areas including behaviour, physical and emotional needs, nutrition, continence and skin. Unfortunately, many people who have been through this initial assessment have reported that the process was not transparent and that they were not clear on many of the questions they were being asked. The good news is that our funding experts can guide you through this stage and ensure that you get fair treatment throughout. If it is found that the primary need of your loved one is a health need then you have a very strong case for funding.

How Do I Get Started With the NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist?

Simply by filling in our quick survey, you can take the first steps towards being approved for funding for all of your care costs. This may include care home costs, assisted home care or the costs of medication. One of our helpful team will get back to you to carry out a simple assessment that will give us and you a good idea as to whether funding would be possible for you. What’s more, we can usually help you with the recovery of any costs you have paid in the past.

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The NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist can be quite confusing and you may not get a fair assessment if you apply alone. Why not give our team a call today to find out more about assessment and how you can get the best result for you and your loved one.

It’s easy to get started. Take our simple survey and one of our funding specialists will get back to you to discuss your situation and to tell you more about the NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist and how it could help you to secure 100% of the costs you are currently paying for care.