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continuing healthcare funding


It is more than likely that any nhs continuing healthcare appeal will go to an official hearing or panel for review.  It is your responsibility to present your case to the panel to explain in more detail the grounds of the appeal. This can often be daunting when explaining a subject very personal to you, in a room of medical practitioners.  We will support you by attending the hearing with you and presenting and documenting the event, so you can focus on ensuring your voice is heard.

Step One

New CHC Claims Process
Contact our funding support team on 0800 049 2062 or Click Here to arrange your FREE appraisal

Step Two

New CHC Claims Process
Our funding support team will conduct a short survey and FREE Appraisal

Step Three

CHC New Claims Process
Comprehensive needs assessment led by a Continuing Healthcare Funding Specialist to establish eligibility

Step Four

New CHC Claim Process
Our funding & medical specialists will manage the lengthy and complex application, allowing you to focus on what really matters