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Long Term Care Planning Should Include Funding

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Long Term Care Planning Support

Long Term Care Planning

At some point in our lives, the majority of us will require some form of continuing care, it’s important to have some idea of what to expect and how you may be able to handle the finances of continuing care. Long term care planning is therefore vital for any individual.

Specialist providers can help create a long term care plan for you for a small cost, the company you decide to provide your long term care plan will then in turn, offer to help pay for your continuing care including fees and costs. If you need to go into care now or in the near future, you may wish to consider long term care planning.

Long term care plans may include specific features that are best suited to your individual care needs. These can include:

  • Index linking: Plans may offer to link regular payments to you or your care home with the rate of inflation in order to keep up with the continuous changing cost of living.
  • Escalation: You may be able to request that the payments the provider makes increase at a fixed rate each year, to help cover future inflations in care costs.
  • Money-back guarantee: This feature ensures that you receive a percentage or lump sum returned depending on the providers’ policy.

A long term care plan will guarantee a certain level of income to help pay for care fees for the rest of an individuals’ life. However, the cost will depend on the health of an individual, the age of an individual and the cost of the care home fees. Costs reduce depending on the severity of a condition or illness, the older an individual is, the cheaper the long term care plan and costs will rise in conjunction with care home costs.

However, there is funding available that is by no means tested and can cover all of your care needs and costs in full! Contact us at Continuing Healthcare Direct and speak with one of our funding experts for further information and advice. Call us on 0844 248 3254 today!

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Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct we are committed to helping individuals just like you, access NHS funding that they are so rightly entitled to. Long term care planning is important to consider, but why pay for a care plan to help you manage future care finances when you could be one of thousands of people eligible for FREE continuing healthcare.

If you are a UK resident and are aged 18 or over with assessed primary healthcare needs, you should fit the criteria and be entitled to receive NHS Continuing Healthcare funding covering all of your care costs in full! Call us today on 0844 248 3254 alternatively, you can complete our FREE online assessment and we will contact you. Don’t delay contact us today!