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Have You Heard Of The NHS Health Care Fund Continuing Healthcare?

If you have a primary health requirement and believe that you may be eligible to receive Continuing Healthcare funding a health care fund is not needed by yourself. The NHS has a duty of care to provide all individuals who have been assessed as having a primary need being a healthcare requirement with the funding to cover 100% of their care costs UK.

Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct we offer the support and guidance that you require to discuss your case in full confidentiality with the aim to secure the funding that you are entitled to.


The NHS has an obligation to ensure that the Continuing Healthcare funding is easily accessible to all of those who are entitled to the funded care package.


At Continuing Healthcare Direct we specialise in securing CHC funding, and we can ascertain whether you are eligible for such funding. We have assisted numerous people over the past years by providing support and guidance regarding the funding process.

We understand that the financial burden of paying for healthcare costs can be immense, with the cost of medical supplies, assisted living costs or nursing home fees. With these situations, you will also have to cope with the stresses and upset of seeing your loved one in pain or discomfort but their is financial support available with the NHS health care fund.


You can simply complete our online survey which is completely confidential to allow us to review whether we believe that you or your loved one are eligible to receive funding. You can also call a member of our financial advisers on 0800 049 2062 to answer all of your CHC assessment queries.