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health care assistance

Health Care Assistance Funding

Continuing Healthcare Direct have been working hard to reclaim the money that individuals has paid for health care assistance when they are eligible for free funding.

The NHS funded care package Continuing Healthcare, provides eligible individuals all of the necessary funding.

Are you or a loved one aged 18 years or above living in the United Kingdom with a primary health requirement? If you are and are currently paying for health care assistance in a variety of settings you could be eligible for NHS funding!

Continuing Healthcare funding is available within a variety of settings that include your own home or a care home.

Thousands of people are paying for healthcare assistance in the United Kingdom, when they are eligible for free funding.

Funding is available in a number of settings to ensure you or a loved one receive the care they require. The NHS is responsible for providing for all of their needs which include accommodation, if that is part of their overall need.

There are two main assessments for the funding process which include:
NHS Continuing Healthcare checklist
Full Assessment

If you believe you or a loved one is eligible for Continuing Healthcare, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our funding experts on 0844 248 3254, or complete our short online survey.