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Understand The Continuing Health Care Assessment


As we are a team of funding and medical specialists we understand the importance of receiving clear and accurate information when challenging the NHS to secure funding. This is where we can help.

The NHS Continuing Health Care Assessment Process

The official funding journey begins firstly with an initial screening. During this screening process the claimant as well as family members can be present which will allow for additional support to the evidence based case. An individual’s eligibility to receive continuing Healthcare funding is based solely on their assessed needs. The initial screening using the CHC checklist will be used to determine  if a full Continuing Health Care assessment is required, and this screening can be completed by a Dotor, Nurse or a health care professional.It is key to understand that the professional individual who completed the checklist must record their written reasons for the outcome as well as sign and date the checklusts, you will then be provided with a completed checklist.

Clinical Commissioning Groups are required to asses the claimant for their eligibility to receive NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. And for the full assessment a multidisciplinary team which has a minimum of two health or care professionals who are involved in the claimants care.

There are 12 key care domains which will be assessed, and the multidisciplinary team will consider the complexity of the needs, te severity, the unpredictability as well as what help is needed for those specific needs. The care domains will then be given a weighting marked as either:

  • Priority,
  • Sever,
  • High,
  • Moderate,
  • Low,
  • No needs.

In each case, the claimants overall need as well as the interaction between needs will be taken into considerations as well as evidence supplied by either care homes or hospital notes. If you would like to receive further information, simply read our most common NHS Continuing Health Care FAQs!

Here at Continuing Health care Direct, we offer our case management service if we believe that you or a loved one may have a case. If you would like to receive further information you can simply contact a member of the team today on 0844 248 3254 and our funding advisers will be more than happy to offer you a FREE appraisal. You can also complete our simply to use and free online survey, which will allow our funding advisers to review your care requirements before contacting you.