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Find Out If You’re Eligible For Funding For Nursing Homes In The United Kingdom

Funding for nursing homes in the United Kingdom is dependent on location, with the need for nursing care increasing the monthly fee even further. Continuing Healthcare Direct are a team of funding advisers who provide full support and guidance throughout the claims process. We will take the stress away from you, allowing you and your loved ones to concentrate on the things that matter.

Many eligible individuals have not heard of the fully funded NHS social and care package which is known as Continuing Healthcare. Continuing Healthcare is provided to those who are a UK resident, above the age of 18 with a primary health need. This NHS funded care package requirements aren’t based on a set list of illnesses or conditions, the eligibility process is based on an individual’s requirements.

The team at Continuing Healthcare Direct are funding experts who work tirelessly to argue your case if you are eligible. Nursing home fees have increased dramatically, and we understand that with a primary health requirement, covering these costs can be challenging and that is why we are here to help. Our funding advisers will be with you every step of the way – We will ensure the process is completed with minimal disruption to your life for a clear and supported funding journey. With the average nursing home fees increasing it is vital that you receive the funding that you are entitled to!

What Are The Next Steps?

Whether you are looking to find out if you yourself is eligible or if a loved one is, simply complete our online survey. This survey is completely FREE and confidential and will allow our funding advisers to view your case to contact you for more information. Alternatively you can call us direct on 0844 248 3254, and we will be more than happy to advise you and answer any questions and queries you may have!