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Funding Care Home Fees

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funding care home fees

Funding Care Home Fees Is Available!

Funding care home fees is available with the Continuing Healthcare social and care package which is funded solely by the NHS, and many believe that a Care Home Financial Assessment is needed, although this is inaccurate. The funding is based purely on an individuals care requirements. 

The online documents for Continuing Healthcare funding includes the National Framework For Continuing Health care, and provides the guidelines associated with the funding criteria as well as the process. The framework provides individual’s, their families as well as health care professionals with the clarity on the entire funding process and requirements that must be followed to ensure each claimant receives a fair assessment.

This specific funded care package is based on an individual’s care requirements, and if you or a loved one’s primary need is a health need, funding may be available to you. Why not contact our team of specialists here at Continuing Healthcare Direct who can offer our specialist and in-depth knowledge to you and your family! This will allow us to review your care requirements and determine your eligibility for funding. We offer a FREE appraisal, and during this time we will be able to begin to establish if you or a loved one may have a successful case in securing funding or recovering care costs already

Within Wales the deadline for retrospective claims are drawing nearer, with the deadline being the 31st of October 2016.

If you or a loved one was paying care within Wales between October the 1st 2014 and October 30th 2015 and had a primary health requirement, you could be entitled to recover care those paid fees.

Our team here at Continuing Healthcare Direct can offer our support to recover care fees that you have already paid. You can contact us today to discuss the care requirements of yourself or a loved one in further detail, and our funding and medical specialists can provide you with the information and guidance that you require.