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Funded Nursing Care

Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care

If you have been paying care home or nursing home fees for a loved one, it may interest you to know that you may be entitled to receive funded nursing care on the NHS. The Continuing Healthcare scheme offers 100% funding for those whose primary need is a health need. The assessment criteria is not as straightforward as you may think however, and so it is a good idea to speak to us before you apply for this funding. We can carry out a pre-assessment to tell you whether you have a good case and give you guidance along the way.

Thousands of people in the UK are now receiving funded nursing care from the NHS and you could too. If you are facing a monthly bill of hundreds of pounds for this care, you could apply to have this funding secured. What’s more, you could also recover the costs that you have already paid over the years. We are assisting people like you every day to recoup and secure the costs of this care and to free up your finances for other things.

You may believe that you are not eligible because of where you may live or the assets you own. This is simply not the case – if your loved ones need is a health need then you should be entitled to funded nursing care.

Am I Eligible For Funding For Funded Nursing Care?

If you have heard about continued healthcare, but thought you might not be eligible, now is the time to check. The assessment process can be quite a grey area, but we can help you through the phases to ensure you get a fair assessment and decision. You may not be sure whether the primary need of your loved one is a health need, but that is where we can help. Just call our team today or fill in our quick survey and we will call you right back.

We are helping people like you every day and we are waiting to help you now with your queries and to tell you more about funded nursing care under the NHS’s continued healthcare scheme. Before you consider dipping into your savings or selling family assets, get in touch with our experts for professional and experienced advice.

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Our short survey could be all that stands between getting a fair assessment for funded nursing care. Nursing fees whether in a home or as part of assisted living fees can add up and you may be paying hundreds of pounds unnecessarily. Why not speak to us today and find out how we can help you to secure 100% of this funding?

Take our simple and quick online survey or call our team today to find out more about the costs that you could recover and secure for the future. We have helped many people across the UK to get the funding they deserve.