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Financial help For Carers in UK

Financial Help For Carers – How We Can Help You To Claim NHS Funding

Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we offer expert assistance in claiming financial help for carers. If you are looking to save money and claim the funding you deserve, we are here to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Over the years, we have helped many individuals to claim back and secure NHS funding through the continuing healthcare scheme. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more about the process and how we can guide you through it? The assessment phases can be quite tough, but with our expert guidance and support we will ensure you get a fair decision.

You may not be aware that you can receive financial help for the carers, but we can tell you all you need to know. Our funding experts have been working in this area for years, and we offer expert advice so that you know exactly how to answer assessment questions and understand every phase of the continuing healthcare process. No other company has more experience and our funding team is standing by ready to assist. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

Are You Eligible For Financial Help For Carers?

If the primary need of your loved one is a health need then you have a very strong case to receive financial help for carers. You may not know whether that is their primary need or not and the assessment process can actually be quite complex and confusing. This is where our experience and expertise comes in. We help you to answer the many questions on the assessment forms and to give you a good idea of whether you should be eligible.

In addition to securing financial help for you and your loved one, we can also recover any costs you may have paid already. This could mean you are due a rebate of anything from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds.

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