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Elderly Care Costs UK

There may come a time when someone you know may reach a point in their life where they feel it is necessary to go into care. This can often be a very emotional and demanding time for any individual, their friends and their family. Should you have any further queries about elderly care costs for yourself or a family member, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts by calling us on 0844 248 3254

Continuing Healthcare Direct aim to help you overcome the financial issues of elderly care costs by accessing NHS funding available. Not many people know about this funded care package, so it’s important that you speak to a professional and receive the correct information.

Contact one of our funding advisors today for further information and advice regarding your situation and funding available. Call us on 0844 248 3254. Alternatively, complete our FREE online survey today and find out if you are eligible to receive NHS funding, covering elderly care costs in full.

Are You Paying Too Much In Elderly Care Costs in UK?

Elderly care costs will vary considerably. The more specialized the care, the higher the fees, and of course, location, surroundings and facilities will also increase the cost. The average person can expect to pay around £28,500 a year in residential care costs and rising to over £37,500 in nursing home fees. Paying For Elderly Care can also vary in different parts of the country, and so it is important you receive all the relevant information you need.

Care for the elderly can be carried out in different settings across the UK this can include an elderly person’s home or a choice from a variety of care or nursing homes. The NHS provides funding that is available for individuals assessed as having primary health care needs, this funding can help cover up to 100% of elderly care costs and is called Continuing Healthcare. This means you or a loved one could receive the care and support they need, without having to cover the heavy expense of elderly care costs in UK.

Why pay for elderly care costs when you could be one of thousands who are entitled to receive financial help. Contact our experts today to find out more information about eligibility and assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.

Discover FREE Elderly Care Costs UK With Continuing Healthcare Direct

If you have an ongoing healthcare need and require more information regarding NHS Continuing Healthcare call one of our friendly, funding experts on 0844 248 3254. We are happy to answer your questions and help you start the assessment process towards accessing the funding that you are entitled to. Alternatively complete our FREE online assessment today to find out if you can receive help covering elderly care costs!