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Dementia Care Home Funding

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Dementia Care Home Funding

Dementia Care Home Costs And Protecting Your Assets

Dementia care home costs can be very high due to the specialist care that is required. We can help you to avoid these costs with continued healthcare funding. You may already have heard about this funding and you may have already applied and been wrongly denied funding. One call to our team could help you to begin a new assessment and have a fair decision made. Of course, there are quite strict criteria involved in the assessment process and you must be eligible, but we can begin a new assessment for you if you believe that you were not given a fair assessment the first time.

When you are looking for expert help with continuing healthcare funding, we are the company to rely on. We have been helping individuals like yourself to secure funding and also claim back money that they have paid out in the past. Our expertise really is second to none and we are waiting to get started right now. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for great results and all it takes is a quick call to our team or completion of our simple survey form to see if you are eligible.

The Dementia Care Home Costs We Could Help You To Avoid

The average figure for dementia care home costs is in excess of £800 weekly. These are huge costs to undertake for most families. Finding the money to pay for your loved one’s care could mean you have to consider selling your home or using up your savings. Don’t let your assets be swallowed up in this way if you don’t have to. Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we have helped many people in your position to keep hold of their assets. If the need of your loved one is primarily a health need, we would be delighted to talk to you today.

You may not be sure if the primary need is a health need and this is where our expertise and experience comes in.

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