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Costs Of Nursing Home Care

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costs of nursing home care

Find Out If You Could Secure Free Costs Of Nursing Home Care

Are you or someone you know paying care fees? The costs of nursing home care can be financially straining, not only on the individual who requires the care but also those who are supporting them. Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct we understand that it is vital to ensure that those who are eligible for funding receive the care package to allow them to have the correct level of care that they require for their primary health requirement. We have helped individual’s across the UK to secure the funding that they are entitled to, and our funding specialists can help you! If you would like to find out if you or a loved one is entitled to receive funding to cover 100% of the costs of nursing home care, simply contact a member of our funding department here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we will be more than happy to provide you with the solutions to your questions.

NHS funding offers individual’s with the financial funding to cover the costs of nursing home care to eligible individual’s within the United Kingdom. Continuing Healthcare is offered to adults aged 18 or above whose primary need is a health requirement. We fully understand the complexity of the funding, and with the National Framework for Continuing Health care which is offered by the Department of Health, many continue to fail to understand the process as well as the eligibility  criteria to receive CHC funding, and that is where we can help.

The National Framework for Continuing Healthcare has been available since October 2007, and offers guidelines and principles in regards to the available funding. The guidelines are offered to those who are claiming funding for themselves, their families, as well as health care professionals.

This package of care is arranged and fully funded by the NHS, and can be provided in any setting which may include a care home, hospice or the individual’s own home.

If you would like to find out if you are eligible to receive funding, you can simply call a member of our funding team today on 0844 248 3254 who will be more than happy to discuss your care requirements to determine your eligibility to receive Continuing Healthcare funding.