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Cost Of Nursing Home Avoided

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Cost Of Nursing Home Avoided

Nursing Home Costs – What You Need To Know

A home that simply provides personal care for you, such as help with washing, getting you dressed and giving you your medication, is known as a care home. If you require medical or additional nursing care you benefit more from care within a nursing home.

If you or someone you know, has reached the stage in their life where they feel it has become necessary to move in to a nursing home where support is provided, it’s important that you explore all of your options, as well as the likelihood of expensive nursing home costs, before you make a final decision. 

Nursing home costs can vary around the country, depending on where you live in the UK nursing home costs could cost you up to £40,000 a year. If you require additional or specialized care, there are nursing homes with trained staff to care for you and your specific health needs. However, nursing home costs are more expensive once again.

Cost of Nursing Home – How Are You Going To Cover The Costs?

Have you thought about how you are going to be able to cover expensive care costs? Or cover the cost of nursing home fees for a loved one? If you are assessed as having a primary health need then you could be eligible for free healthcare through the NHS Continuing Healthcare scheme. Contact one of our funding experts on 0844 248 3254 for further information and advice and to find out if you are eligible.

Around 58,000 people currently receive NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, but there are thousands more that just don’t realise they are entitled to claim. You could be one of so many that are unknowingly eligible. If you are a UK resident, 18 years of age or over and assessed as having a primary health need, that is where the need for care is primarily of a health need, then you should fit the criteria and be eligible to receive NHS funding.

Any individual can receive NHS Continuing Healthcare at home or within a nursing home and the funding can also help to cover the cost of nursing home fees in full. To find out if you could be eligible, contact one of our friendly, professional team today, at Continuing Healthcare Direct we are committed to helping you access the financial support that you are entitled to. Complete our FREE online assessment today and find out if you could be one of thousands to receive NHS funding covering healthcare, and the costs of nursing homes. Alternatively contact one of our advisors on 0844 248 3254