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Cost Of Nursing Home Care Covered

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Cost Of Nursing Home Care Covered

Are You Considering Nursing Home Care?

Are you one of thousands of people considering nursing home care or perhaps you know someone in need of extra care and support? Then call us today at Continuing Healthcare Direct and speak to a member of our friendly and professional team for further information and advice.

Often the choice of nursing home care can be made too quickly under these circumstances you could make a decision without receiving all of the facts. The more time you spend choosing the right type of nursing home care, the better as this will enable you to properly plan and prepare how you will meet the cost of nursing home care.

It is essential to choose a nursing home where the level of care is suited to your individual needs and where the cost of nursing home care is adequate. It is also important that you explore all of your options and receive the relevant information you need before making any major decisions.

Continuing Healthcare and Cost of Nursing Home Care

Paying for nursing home care can vary considerably in different parts of the UK. Costs will also depend on the type of care you require, the more specialised the care, the greater the cost of nursing home care. It is vital to access expert financial advice at the earliest stage possible to determine what cost of nursing home care you can afford and how you will be able to pay for those costs.

At Continuing Healthcare Direct we are contacted daily by people looking for help and advice, so many people are still blissfully unaware that they could be eligible to receive funding helping cover the cost of nursing home care.

The NHS provides a fully funded package of care for individuals with assessed primary healthcare needs. You could be one of thousands of people entitled to receive FREE continuing care. NHS Continuing Healthcare can be provided at home or within a nursing home and could cover the cost of nursing home care in full.

If you have assessed primary healthcare needs and are a UK resident, contact us today on 0844 248 3254 and speak with one of our funding experts to find out if you are eligible for funding. Alternatively, complete our simple online assessment and we will contact you.