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Don’t Let The Cost Of Care Home Worry You

In the United Kingdom, an individual would have to fund the rising cost of care homes. The cost of care home is totally dependent on the area in which you or a loved one wishes to live, which will cost on average £28,500 per year for a residential care home only, or a staggering average of £37,500 per year if an individual requires nursing. With the cost of care in the UK being so high, it is vital that you receive professional help and support to explore every option you have.

Continuing Healthcare Direct know that their is an increasing amount of people who are eligible for funding. Continuing Healthcare is an NHS funded care package that can provide individuals who are eligible with funding for residential and care requirements. If you have a primary health requirement and is above the age of 18 living within the United Kingdom you may be eligible for funding.

At Continuing Healthcare Direct, we have trained advisors who provide in depth knowledge of the available funding for you. If you would like to take the first steps to find out if you could be receiving 100% funding from the NHS, simply complete our short, online and confidential survey. A quick 3 step process that will allow our experts to review your case and contact you shortly! Alternatively you can call our advisers today on 0800 049 2062, who will gladly provide you with all adequate information that you or a loved one requires.