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You may not be aware, but you could be paying for health care costs for you or your relatives without needing to. NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package funded by the NHS which is designed to help those whose primary need relates to their health. Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we can assess your individual situation to determine whether you have been wrongly paying care costs.

Our healthcare experts understand the hurdles you can face when dealing directly with the NHS. That is where our services come in. We will work closely with you to offer you professional support and guidance throughout every stage of the process whether you wish to secure care funding, or recover costs you have already paid.

It Couldn’t Be Easier To Find Out More About Continuing Healthcare

In order to be eligible for Continuing Healthcare, you must first complete an assessment. If you live in the UK and are over the age of 18 and your primary need is a health need, you should fit the criteria. We have been assisting individuals for many years, helping them with the assessment process and for recouping costs where they have been wrongly paid.

You may have been wrongly informed that you are not eligible for Continuing Healthcare because of where you live or the assets you own. This is simply not the case. If the primary need is a health need, this need must be met by the NHS. The NHS is responsible for ensuring you receive the care you need, whether that is accommodation or specialist care, if that forms part of the overall need.

We’re Here To Guide You Through The Entire Process

By speaking to our friendly team today, you can find out more about Continuing Healthcare for yourself, a relative or a friend. We can tell you more about the assessment process and what this entails and tell you whether there is a good case for eligibility.

For cases where end of life may be near, we can tell you more about the Fast Track Assessment. This can be peace of mind as it means the full assessment procedure can be bypassed. We understand that urgent funding in these cases is paramount, and we will do all we can to ensure that you receive the appropriate care as soon as possible.

Don’t Pay For Health Care Costs If You Don’t Have To

If you are eligible for Continuing Healthcare, you could save a significant amount of money on costs that you no longer need to pay. The health of your loved ones is important and the stress of finding the money to care for them can add to your worries. We are here to help you try to overcome these difficult times by seeking out alternative means of funding. You could be eligible for 100% of the care costs you currently pay and also a refund of any health care costs you have paid out since the primary need became a health need.

Get In Touch With Continuing Healthcare Direct Today

Our funding experts are on hand to speak to you now. We understand the Continuing Healthcare process inside out, and can explain the assessment process and what happens next. Over the years, we have helped many people across the UK to gain NHS funding to help them with up to 100% of the costs of caring for a loved one. We would be delighted to tell you more about our services, and to help you to get access to the funding you are entitled to.

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