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Continuing Healthcare Helps In Care Fee Cap Delay

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The government’s recent announcement on the delay of care cost capping is bad news for those whose loved ones are in or are due to go into care. Continuing Healthcare Direct give you insight in to the cap, the recent delay and also tell you how Continuing Healthcare funding may help cover the costs of care.

What is the ‘capping’ of care costs?

The government’s Care Act legislation proposed that a cap of £72,000 would be introduced in 2016. Put simply, this would mean a £72,000 cap on an individual’s lifetime care costs

What has changed?

In July of this year, the Department for Health announced that the date for this cap on care costs would move from 2016 to 2020. The change in deadline was implemented after the Local Government Association, which represent councils,  pleaded for the implementation to be delayed due to concerns that councils would not be able to afford to the changes needed to support the capping of care costs. Care and Support Minister Alistair Burt stated ‘The introduction of the cap on care costs system will be the biggest reform to how care is paid for since 1948 and we must ensure that the new system works from day one. We will not be complacent: we will work hard to use this additional time to ensure that everyone is ready to introduce the new system’

So the good news is that the capping of care costs is still due to go ahead in 2020, but until then, families will continue to shoulder the costs of care.

How can I cover care costs?

This delay in capping care costs seemed to be a lifeline to families who were paying crippling costs to look after their elderly relatives. In some cases homes had to be sold, or savings had to be spent in order to ensure care fees could be met. The delay of this cap may seem feel this lifeline has been cruelly reeled in, but Continuing Healthcare Direct have an alternative solution to covering care costs if your loved one requires Continuing Healthcare.

Continuing Healthcare is ongoing care which is funded solely by the NHS for individuals who have a primary health needs. So, if your loved one is found to have a primary health need, they could be eligible for funding to cover 100% of their care costs.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

In 2014, 60,000 patients were eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. With the average cost of a residential care home reaching £28,500 per year, Continuing Healthcare funding really could be your lifeline to covering care costs!

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