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FREE Appraisal

Speak to our Team Co-ordinator who can offer FREE continuing healthcare guidance and detail our process.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information at hand, we will always call you back.  After a series of short questions the Team Co-ordinator will be able to recommend whether further investigation is required and if an appointment with our Funding Specialist is the next best step.  And all of this is FREE of charge with no commitment to any other service we offer.

If you do want to investigate your case further the Team Co-ordinator can book an appointment with our Funding Specialist and advise on what you need to prepare.

Step One

New CHC Claims Process
Contact our funding support team on 0800 049 2062 or Click Here to arrange your FREE appraisal

Step Two

New CHC Claims Process
Our funding support team will conduct a short survey and FREE Appraisal

Step Three

CHC New Claims Process
Comprehensive needs assessment led by a Continuing Healthcare Funding Specialist to establish eligibility

Step Four

New CHC Claim Process
Our funding & medical specialists will manage the lengthy and complex application, allowing you to focus on what really matters