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How To Reclaim
Care Fees

Our specialists can help you reclaim care home fees, and even costs incurred at home. Click 'Take Our Survey' to see if you're eligible

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We Can Reclaim NHS Care Home Fees & Costs Incurred At Home

You may have been wrongly paying for care!

Whether you’ve been paying for care costs in a care home, or even covering the costs of care in your own home, NHS Continuing Healthcare funding can help you fully reclaim those costs.

Did you know that where the individual’s primary need is a health need, the NHS is responsible for providing for all of their needs including accommodation, if that is part of the overall need? Unfortunately, not many people do know this, and have wrongly spent thousands of pounds on care costs.

Now is the time to reclaim those costs.

We understand that the prospect of tackling the NHS alone to reclaim NHS care home fees can be daunting, which is why Continuing Healthcare Direct offer full funding services to assist with reclaiming all care costs. Our team of funding and medical specialists guide you through the entire process of a retrospective claim, or a claim where the individual has recently deceased.

If you have been wrongly paying for care and want to recover costs, or want to secure funding for care now, follow our historic claims process below and speak to the Continuing Healthcare experts at Continuing Healthcare Direct today on 0800 049 2062

Step One

Historic CHC Claims Process 1
Contact our funding support team on 0800 049 2062 or Click Here to arrange your FREE appraisal

Step Two

Historic CHC Claims Process 2
Our funding support team will conduct a short survey and FREE appraisal

Step Three

Historic CHC Claims Process 3
Comprehensive needs assessment led by a Continuing Healthcare Funding Specialist to establish eligibility

Step Four

Historic CHC Claims Process 4
Our team will undertake a detailed review, prepare your case and application