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Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process

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Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process

Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process

Continuing Healthcare – Are You In The Know?

The cost of continuing healthcare can vary depending on where an individual lives and what type of care they may require. Furthermore, did you know that the NHS is obliged to offer funding to individuals assessed as having a primary health need? We have been contacted by a number of individuals who have been given very little information about the funding that is available.

At Continuing Healthcare Direct we have friendly and professional advisors who are dedicated to providing honest and accurate information regarding the funding that you are entitled to. NHS Continuing Healthcare also known, as NHS Continuing Care or Fully Funded NHS Care, is free, arranged and funded solely by the NHS meaning you could receive the care and support you need at no extra cost!

If you have a primary health need and are over the age of 18 you could be entitled to FREE continuing healthcare. Not many people are aware of this funding, so it’s crucial to find out if you are eligible and get a Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process, contact us today and speak to a member of our team who will be happy to assist you with the process. Call us on 0844 248 3254

What is Continuing Healthcare?

If you require nursing support or continuing healthcare, either from home or within a care home, you should receive NHS Continuing Healthcare. Free healthcare could be worth thousands of pounds every year so it’s important to find out exactly where you stand.

One simple way to get started and to find out further information about the Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process, is to contact one of our funding experts who can provide you with all the necessary facts and figures that you require in order to complete your assessment and find out if you are one of many individuals who are unknowingly entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Throughout the process, our friendly experts are here to listen to you, your views and wishes, and to answer any questions you may have with appropriate care and support in order to help you secure NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. Starting your claim couldn’t be simpler, just click here to complete our brief, FREE online survey or call one of our team on 0844 248 3254

Eligibility and Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process

To find out whether you are eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, your care needs will be assessed and you will need to complete a Continuing Care Assessment. Complete our FREE online assessment today to see if you’re eligible, alternatively contact us on 0844 248 3254 and let us help you access funding that you are entitled to.

To be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you must be 18 years of age or over and have continuing healthcare needs. Eligibility for this funding is by no way means tested, and does not depend on the type of condition or illness you have. If you have an assessed primary health need, you should be entitled to receive this funding that will help cover all of your healthcare costs!

In order to qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare an assessment process is followed to determine eligibility. The principles and processes surrounding Continuing Healthcare funding are presented in The National Framework Guidelines, good quality assessment is essential and at the heart of Continuing Healthcare Direct therefore, we have broken it down into 3 simple stages:

  • The NHS Continuing Healthcare checklist
  • A full healthcare assessment
  • The panel decision

Contact our professional team at Continuing Healthcare Direct for more information about NHS funding and the Continuing Healthcare Assessment process. Call us today on 0844 248 3254 or complete our quick and easy online survey!