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Don’t let anybody tell you that every application is accepted.  They’re not.  Continuing Healthcare funding is not just a process, it’s also about people and their ‘professional judgement’.  The decision must be robust, fair, consistent and transparent. Sometimes we can just disagree.  What is a fact is that there is an appeals process.  So, if you need to, use it.  Don’t give up.

Our team of funding and medical specialists are here to help you through any disputes or Continuing Healthcare appeals.  We will review and challenge the findings or recommendations based on the information we have gathered.  Was the process followed correctly? Where the right assessors involved in completing the Decision Support Tool? Are the ‘professional judgements’ on medical issues appropriate? Once we understand all possible scenario’s we will prepare written arguments to support the appeal and submit this on your behalf.

Step One

New CHC Claims Process
Contact our funding support team on 0800 049 2062 or Click Here to arrange your FREE appraisal

Step Two

New CHC Claims Process
Our funding support team will conduct a short survey and FREE Appraisal

Step Three

CHC New Claims Process
Comprehensive needs assessment led by a Continuing Healthcare Funding Specialist to establish eligibility

Step Four

New CHC Claim Process
Our funding & medical specialists will manage the lengthy and complex application, allowing you to focus on what really matters