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The Continuing Health Care Checklist

Continuing Health Care Checklist

What is the Continuing Health Care Checklist?

The Continuing Health Care Checklist (CHC) is a tool used to help identify people who require an assessment for NHS Continuing Health Care.

For most people requiring an assessment for NHS Continuing Health Care , the first step when applying is commonly to have an assessment using the NHS screening tool called the Checklist Tool. The tool is administered by Health and Social professionals and is the first stage to finding out if you are eligible for NHS Continuing Health Care . If the Continuing Health Care  Checklist suggests that you could be permitted NHS Continuing Health Care , a full assessment of your needs will be arranged, this stage of the assessment process is then carried out using the Decision Support Tool.

Continuing Health Care  Direct – How can we help?

The Continuing HealthCare Checklist is required to assist Health Care professionals in making the decision whether you are entitled to funding. Our Health Care experts can provide you with all the information about this process. Throughout the process you will be fully involved in the assessment and decision-making, and continuously kept up to date with relevant information regarding the process. With Continuing Health Care  Direct, your individual needs for care and support are taken into consideration. Our experts are here to support you along each step of the way.

What Happens Next?

Once The Continuing Health Care Checklist has been carried out, the NHS will come to a decision regarding your continuing Health Care  and will write to you to confirm whether or not you are eligible for funding. Our team of friendly advisors will be able to explain this process to you and answer any questions you may have.

Complete Your Assessment With Us Today!

At Continuing HealthCare Direct, we can tell you all you need to know about the Continuing Health Care Checklist and help you get started with the application process. Once started, we are here for you throughout each stage of the assessment, providing guidance and assistance when needed.

The Continuing Health Care Checklist is just the first stage of the NHS funding process and one that our Health Care  experts have great knowledge and understanding of, contact us on 0800 049 2062 and begin your application and allow us to help you access the NHS Continuing Health Care  that you are entitled to. Alternatively complete our FREE, simple online survey and get started today.