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Continuing Health Care Assessment

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Continuing Health care assessment


The Continuing Health Care Assessment Process Explained

The Continuing Health care Assessment is the process taken for eligible individuals to receive the fully NHS funded care package. Continuing Health care has been available to many individuals across the United Kingdom who have a primary health requirement and are above the age of 18.


Continuing Healthcare Direct are a team of funding advisers who can work with you to provide the answers to any questions you may have regarding the Continuing Health care Assessment process.


The Continuing Health care Assessment process consists of three stages, the first is the initial stage which is the NHS Continuing Healthcare checklist, which determines an individual’s eligibility. This is simply a basic screening which identifies those who require the full assessment for funding. The next stage is the full healthcare assessment, and a form which is known as the Decision Support Tool is completed by a Multidisciplinary Team. The full assessment considers an individual’s health needs. The final stage is the panel decision, which is a separate panel that will consider the recommendation and if the score is high enough you will qualify for funding.


If you would like to receive further information regarding the Continuing Health care assessment process please do not hesitate to contact a member of our funding experts. We have dealt with numerous cases and aim to secure the funding that you are entitled to.


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