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Continuing Care Checklist

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Continuing care checklist

What Is The Continuing Care Checklist?

The Continuing Care checklist has been designed to be used by governing healthcare bodies who assess individuals criteria to find out if they are eligible for Continuing Healthcare funding.


The initial assessment of the funding process is using the continuing care checklist which is done before the full CHC assessment. With the Continuing care checklist there are various scoring systems and if during this specific stage you score enough you will then undergo the full assessment in which the Decision Support Tool is used.


Our funding advisers are on hand to provide you with the support and guidance to ensure a that you or a loved one receives a fair treatment throughout the process.


You can simply complete our easy to use survey which will allow you to take the first steps towards being approved for funding for your care requirements. By completing the Continuing Healthcare Direct survey you will allow our advisers to determine whether funding would be available to you.


You could be eligible to receive 100% funding to cover your care costs UK whether that is care home costs, cost of medication or assisted home care, the NHS Continuing Healthcare scheme may be available to you!


You can simply complete our online survey or alternatively you can call one of our funding experts today on 0800 049 2062 to receive further information regarding the funding that is available to you!