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Continuing Care Assessment Checklist

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continuing care assessment checklist

Continuing Care Assessment Checklist From Continuing Healthcare Direct

If you believe that you or a loved one is eligible for Continuing Healthcare, the first step taken by thousands is using the continuing care assessment checklist tool. This NHS tool is the first stage to find out eligibility. If the tool shows evidence that you are eligible you will then receive a full assessment. The purpose of the Continuing Healthcare Checklist Tool is to allow healthcare professionals to determine whether you should be referred for funding.


At Continuing Healthcare Direct we have a team of trained funding professionals who know all that is needed to know regarding each stage of the funding process. We have provided help and support to numerous clients over a number of years to secure the funding they are entitled to!


Once the assessment has been carried out, a team of NHS specialists will then determine whether you are entitled to 100% funding sue to your health care requirements. Continuing Healthcare Direct will be able to provide the support and assistance you require throughout the funding process – You are not alone.

Our experts can tell you everything about the funding process to ensure you are not left in the dark. Simply call our friendly team today on 0844 248 3254 for more information and to carry out our initial assessment. Alternatively you can complete our simple to use, and fully confidential online survey, and one of our experts will soon be in touch to discuss your options.


You shouldn’t have to worry about healthcare costs. If you are a UK resident, above the age of 18 with a primary health requirement please do not hesitate to contact us today to take the first step of the funding process.