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The Importance of Continuing Care Allowance

Why is Continuing Care Allowance Important?

Continuing care Allowance is a general term that describes care provided to help meet physical and mental health needs. Continuing care is an important service provided by the NHS, required by every individual at some point in their life, whether essential, direct or personal to an individual or needed in order to help care and look after a loved one, that is why it is crucial that factual and accurate information is arranged, provided and accessible to all.

NHS funding for continuing care, also known as NHS Continuing Healthcare, could be worth thousands of pounds each year so it’s important to learn where you stand, yet there are still reports of health and social care authorities providing lack of information or inaccurate information surrounding the NHS Continuing Care and funding available, as a result many people are being falsely informed that they need to pay for care.

Continuing Healthcare Direct – We understand

At Continuing Healthcare Direct we are committed to providing honest and precise information regarding NHS Continuing Care allowance and funding. We understand how important it is to you, that you and your relatives receive the best continued care available to you therefore, we are focused on providing a straightforward approach to guide you through the process of determining your eligibility for NHS Continuing Care and funding available.

NHS Continuing Care

If a sufficient amount of support and continued care is required, NHS Continuing Care can arrange and fund your care for you, helping you with the health care needs and costs. Eligibility for continuing care is not in any way means tested and could cover 100% of the costs of full time continuing care allowance. Continuing Healthcare Direct provides a simple 3 step assessment:

  • Step 1. Continuing healthcare checklist. The first stage in determining whether an individual is entitled to FREE continuing care
  • Step 2. Full assessment, assessed against a series of domains
  • Step 3. The panel’s decision

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We can provide you with the answers you need about the NHS funding scheme and help you to find the costs you need to ensure you or your loved ones receive the care they deserve. Contact us on 0844 248 3254 with any further questions or queries, our friendly, professional and dedicated team are more than happy to assist you through our quick online assessment form, giving you confidence and the information regarding continuing care that you deserve.