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What Is The CHC Funding Checklist?

NHS CHC Funding Checklist

How Is Eligibility For NHS Continuing Healthcare Determined?

When finding out if you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, the most common first step is to have an assessment with a health or social care professional. During this assessment, professionals will use a screening process called the NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist.

The Checklist Tool helps professionals decide if your healthcare needs suggest whether you may be eligible for funding. If the screening suggests you could be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, an assessment of your full needs can then be arranged.

Continuing Healthcare Direct believe that you should be fully involved throughout the assessment process. Your views and needs for care and support are priority to us and our funding experts are on hand to answer any of your questions. For further information contact us today on 0844 248 3254.

What Exactly Is The NHS CHC Funding Checklist?

The NHS CHC Funding Checklist is a nationally recognized and approved tool used by health and social care professionals to determine whether individuals require a full assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare. The checklist contains descriptions of 11 different levels of needs, with three options under each description, A, B and C.

Professionals completing the NHS Continuing Care Assessment Checklist will use information that they already have about an individual to help make a judgement about their level of need under each section. This produces a ‘score’. The score then determines whether an individual will require a full assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Continuing Healthcare Direct – The Assessment Process

At Continuing Healthcare Direct, we are committed to providing a friendly, professional service. Our funding experts understand the difficulties you may face when arranging care for yourself or a loved one, we want to help you relieve some of the stresses and help you access funding available, that you could be entitled to.

Whether you require more information regarding the NHS CHC Funding Checklist or advice about funding, contact us today on 0844 248 3254. If you wish to begin the full assessment process, Complete our FREE online survey and we will contact you. We can help you, like so many others; receive the NHS Continuing Healthcare funding that you are entitled to.