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NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding can help you STOP paying care fees. Press play to watch Martin Lewis discuss care home funding on ITV’s Daybreak.

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Continuing Healthcare Funding Services

Continuing Healthcare Direct offer a variety of NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding services to ensure that whatever situation you’re in, our specialists are on hand to help.

Awareness of NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is relatively low and people continue to wrongly pay for care. If you think this could be you, and you are looking for assistance with care costs you can find out more about Continuing Healthcare funding and how it can benefit you here.

Put simply, if an individual’s need for care is primarily a health need they are entitled to NHS continuing Healthcare funding to meet the cost of their care in full.

Funding can be granted whether you are paying for care home fees, or costs incurred from care being given at home – the key factor to securing funding are the needs of the individual and not where they live, what assets they have or who provides them with care. Continuing Healthcare Direct deliver three core services:

  1. New Claims
  2. Disputed Claims
  3. Historic Claims

Whichever service you take, we make applying for and securing Continuing Healthcare funding simple with our team of funding and medical specialists guiding you from start to finish.

What Does CHC Funding Cover?

Continuing Healthcare funding, also known as CHC funding is a package of care which is funded solely by the NHS for individuals who have a primary health need, but a question we get asked regularly is, what does CHC funding actually cover?

Put simply, CHC funding covers 100% of care fees for people who require full time care and have a primary health need. CHC funding can cover:

  • If you receive care at home: funding will cover the cost of all nursing care and personal care plus any household costs which are directly related to the recipients care needs
  • If you are in a care or nursing home: funding will cover all care fees, including the cost of accommodation

The NHS is obligated to provide costs for care if the primary need is a health need, but many people across the country are still paying for care when they shouldn’t be! Make sure this isn’t you by starting the process today and requesting your FREE appraisal.