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CHC Funding And Benefits

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chc funding and benefits

Understanding CHC Funding And Benefits

CHC funding and benefits provide individuals with the peace of mind that they are entitled to with a funded care package to cover all care costs due to a primary health requirement.

Continuing Healthcare funding is a social and care package which is fully funded by the NHS to eligible individual’s. This specific care package is offered to those who are a UK resident, who are adults aged 18 or above who have a primary health need. There is no official description of what exactly is a primary health requirement, as it is based on a range of care domains which are required to be covered.

The funding process begins with the initial screening in conjunction with the use of the Continuing Healthcare Checklist, this Checklist is based on the Decision Support Tool which is used during the full assessment phase of the process. The Checklist should be completed before the claimant is discharged from hospital and an assessor will then determine an individual’s eligibility for funding and  score them on the basis of High need,  Moderate need or low or no need. A full Continuing Health care assessment is then required if an individual has scored as having two or more high, 5 or more moderates and a scoring of 1 low and 4 moderates.

If an individual is reviewed as showing signs of eligibility for Continuing Healthcare, a full assessment will then be required to completed. During the full assessment the Decision Support Tool will be used which goes into further detail in regards to the individual’s care needs. If the Multidisciplinary team deem you or your loved one as being eligible the funding the care package will then be required to be put in place as quickly as possible. This will ensure that each individual receives the level of care that they require as soon as possible to provide optimal support due the claimants primary health care needs.

The benefits of Continuing Healthcare funding is that the claimant and their families will receive the financial support to cover 100% of their care costs. The location in which the care is provided or the assets of financial situation the claimant is in has no affect on their eligibility for funding, as it is solely dependent on their welfare and care requirements.

If you would like to find out if you could be eligible to receive NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, you can simply contact a member of our funding team today on 0844 248 3254 to receive a FREE appraisal.