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CHC Checklist

Have You Heard Of The CHC Checklist?

The Continuing Healthcare Checklist, also known as the CHC Checklist is a NHS tool that helps practitioners to identify those individuals who require a full assessment for their eligibility of Continuing Healthcare. Continuing Healthcare is a NHS funded package of care which is available to those eligible individuals to cover the cost of care. If you or a loved one are above the age of 18 with a primary health requirement, we advise that you find out if you are eligible.


At Continuing Healthcare Direct, we understand that the cost of care can be difficult to manage, and that is why our funding advisers are on hand each step of the way.


The CHC Checklist is not an indication of the likelihood that an individual will be determined as being eligible for Continuing Healthcare, and it is vital that each party understands this.


The checklist contains descriptions of 11 different levels of needs, with three options under each description, A, B and C.

Our funding experts understand the difficulties you may face when arranging care for yourself or a loved one, we want to help you relieve some of the stresses by providing you with the support that you or a loved one requires during the funding application process.


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