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Understanding NHS Care Plans – Continuing Healthcare

If you have heard about NHS care plans, you may have heard about the Continuing Healthcare plan recently. This is the name given to funding that is arranged by the NHS for individuals who have been assessed as having a primary need that is a health need. If you are eligible under the care plans criteria, you could receive this funding and have 100% of your care costs paid for.

These care costs could cover the cost of using a community nurse, a therapist or receiving personal care such as assisted living. You could also use the care plans funding to pay for care home fees. Continuing Healthcare funding covers a number of healthcare scenarios in a number of different settings and we can give you more information.

You may be wondering how you go about getting assessed for Continuing Healthcare. Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct we offer all the information and assistance you need with the process and we would be delighted to tell you more today. Whether you are currently paying costs or you are facing costs, we can help. We understand all there is to know about NHS care plans and our team is standing by ready to assist you today.

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Our funding specialists are here to help you gain access to the funding NHS care plans like the Continuing Healthcare scheme have to offer. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals to secure the funding that they are entitled to AND to recover the costs of care they have already paid for in the past. If you believe the primary need of your loved one to be a health need, we are on hand to help. Simply call our team or you can use our simple assessment form online as the first starting point.

By getting in touch with us today you could find you are eligible for 100% of your care costs to be paid by the NHS. Why pay for mounting care home costs or assisted living costs when you don’t have to? We can help to lighten the weight on your shoulders and the stress on your bank account. Care plans like these are there to be taken advantage of, but many people do not apply because they believe they will be turned down. Indeed, you may have been turned down in the past. We can help you to get a fair and honest assessment of your current circumstances regardless of your assets or where you live.

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Continuing Healthcare care plans are not means tested and this is a misconception with many of our clients. If your loved one’s primary need is for healthcare then you should have a very strong case for funding under the scheme. We can take a close look at your individual situation and tell you how likely it is you will receive funding.

Get in touch with the experts here at Continuing Healthcare Direct and find out how much we could save you on your care costs. We have helped many people in the same position as you to access funding under NHS care plans they never knew existed.