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Free Care Plans For The Elderly

Care Plans for the Elderly

NHS Care Plans for the Elderly – Continuing Healthcare

What is a care plan? A care plan is an agreement between any person and a health or social professional to help manage their health daily. Anyone with a long-term condition can receive and take part in making their own care plan, this helps to decide what care a person needs and how the care will be provided.

If you have heard about NHS Care Plans for the Elderly, you may have also heard about Continuing Healthcare. Funding arranged by the NHS for individuals who have been assessed as having a primary healthcare need. If you are eligible under the care plans criteria, you could receive this funding and have your care costs paid for in full.

The care plans funding can be used to cover a variety of healthcare requirements in numerous settings, including care home costs or providing support for you within your home. Speak to our healthcare experts today for more information on NHS Care Plans or how to apply for Continuing Healthcare.

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Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, our fully trained specialists are here to help you gain access to NHS funding through care plans for the Elderly such as Continuing Healthcare. Contact us to find out just how much we could help you save on your care costs. As described by the NHS,

NHS continuing healthcare is the name given to a package of care that is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals who are not in hospital and have been assessed as having a “primary health need”.

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If you are a UK resident and aged 18 years or over with a primary health need, you could be entitled to funding through funded care plans. To find out whether you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, your care needs have got to be assessed, by getting in touch with us you could find out if you are entitled to FREE continuing care. Continuing Healthcare Direct are here to assist you with the process of assessment from the very start and aim to help you access the care plan you deserve at no cost.

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Care plans such as the NHS Continuing Healthcare are by no means tested, Eligibility for NHS funding does not depend on an individuals’ health condition, illness or diagnosis, neither does it depend on who provides the care or where the care is provided.

We have assisted many people in similar circumstances to your own. Treating each case individually we can help you gain a fair and honest assessment. For further information regarding NHS Continuing Healthcare and the assessment process, contact us on 0844 248 3254 or otherwise complete our FREE, short online assessment now and find out if you are able to receive healthcare funding beneficial under NHS care plans you didn’t know were accessible.