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Care Payments

Your Care Payments May Be Refunded – Find Out If You Have A Claim!

In a recent report the Minister for Social Services and Public Health, Rebecca Evans stated:

“If people, or their families, believe they meet the criteria for having their care paid for through Continuing NHS Healthcare, but they paid for the care themselves, I encourage them to come forward to make a claim.”

“People with an illness or disability can sometimes need long-term care to help them, and their families, manage. Some people will have paid for that care themselves, when it should have been provided free by the NHS.

Have you or someone you know been paying for care between October the 1st 2014 and October the 30th 2015? If the care paid for is due to mental and physical reasons you may be eligible for a retrospective claim of NHS Continuing Healthcare and have your care payments refunded.

The Welsh Government has recently announced that the cut-off date for retrospective NHS Continuing Healthcare claims within the time period is now October 31st 2016 – Which is just 4 weeks away!

Many individuals are unaware of the social and care package known as NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, and with the complex guidelines within the Continuing Healthcare Framework, there are an ever growing of individual’s looking for specialist support.

Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we have a team of funding specialists who provide the highest level of service and information which you can be sure to trust! Our aim is to help you and your family secure the funding that you rightfully deserve.

There’s a lot of confusion over what individual’s believe to be a primary care need, and many have been financially struggling to cover the cost of their own care or their loved ones. This NHS funded care package covers 100% of individual’s care costs, which could be in a care home or even their own home.

If you have been paying for care within this time period, it is vital to act fast! We can offer a FREE Appraisal by simply calling our team at Continuing Healthcare Direct on 0844 248 3254. We can then discuss you or your loved one’s care needs in further detail to determine if we believe that you may have a retrospective claim. Why wait? Contact us today before it’s too late!