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Care Home Fees Funded In The UK

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Care Home Fees UK

Care Home Fees UK And How To Have Them Paid For

If you are paying care home fees UK and you believe you are paying for these unfairly, we would love to hear from you. You have probably landed on our website because you have heard about continuing healthcare from the NHS. Perhaps you have had an assessment completed and you have been turned down. Many people come to us because they believe they have been treated unfairly during the assessment stage and this has stopped them from being able to secure care home fees UK successfully.

The good news is that we are here to help. Whether you are thinking about a care home for your loved one or you are already paying these costs, we have the expertise and experience to ensure you get a fair and just assessment. It makes no difference where you live or what assets you own – care home fees UK are not secured based on a means tested assessment. If the primary need of your loved one is a health need, you should be able to secure funding. We can also recover costs that you have already paid through our retrospective recovery process.

Make Care Home Fees UK A Thing Of The Past

Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we understand the financial burden that care home costs can have. We also know that many of our customers have been delighted to learn they did not have to sell their family home or resort to selling off other assets or borrowing money. With our help, you could secure care home fees UK from the NHS and have 100% of these costs paid for you. Imagine what you could do with the money this frees up.

You really shouldn’t be paying these costs if the primary need of your loved one is a health need, so please do call us today if you believe this to be the case. We are standing by ready to assist and our team can answer any questions you may have.

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