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Care Home Fees Cap And Funding

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Care Home Fees Cap UK

Care Home Fees Cap – The Truth Unveiled

The UK Government has promised a care home fees cap of £72,000 by 2016, but what will this really mean for you and will you really benefit? New research has revealed that the average nursing home resident will not gain anything from the care home fees cap. The research from the Centre of Economics and Business Research has suggested that many care home residents will die without reaching the £72,000 threshold. In fact, the average care home stay costs are a total of £69,000.

However, there is an alternative for waiting for the care home fees cap to be reached. You could be eligible to have your care home or nursing home fees paid in full by the NHS. Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we have helped many residents across the UK to secure this funding and we could do the same for you today. Simply call our team to find out more. We have years of experience in this field and we are ready to help you today. Nobody else offers more expertise or experience than our team and you can contact us by calling or using our simple online survey form.

Confused About The Care Home Fees Cap? Our Experts Can Help

When it is introduced, the care home fees cap is not thought to be of much use to most UK citizens paying for care home accommodation and services. We offer a free initial consultation to see whether you could be eligible for NHS funding for your care home fees instead. If you are eligible, you will no longer need to worry about finding the funds for care home or nursing care as 100% of your funds will be picked up by the NHS. It really is that simple. The only criteria you will need to meet is that the primary need of your loved one is a health need and we can help to guide you through the assessment process.

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