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Care Home Costs UK

Understanding Care Home Costs UK 

Care home costs  here in the UK can be expensive and may vary greatly depending on where an individual lives and the kind of care and support that individual may need.

In some areas of the UK, at there most expensive, care home costs could set you back up to £33,000 every year for just standard residential care alone, and you can expect to see that figure rise to around £45,000 every year if you require additional nursing care too. In other areas of the country, at there least expensive you still could be looking to spend around £25,000 each year on care home costs, rising to roughly £35,000 annually with the addition of nursing care costs.

With such high-priced care home costs UK it’s important that you receive professional help and support when exploring all of your options.

At Continuing Healthcare Direct we understand that deciding on the most suitable care for you or a loved one can sometimes feel overwhelming. We can help you acquire the best level of care suited to your needs.

If you are unsure where to begin, Continuing Healthcare Direct can help. With a mindful approach our team of advisors can help you learn more about the type of care you require, we can also provide you with important information regarding care home costs in the UK and what funding support is available for you. Call us on 0800 049 2062

Continuing Healthcare Funding Available 

If you are aged 18 years or older, a UK resident and assessed as having a primary health need, you should fit the criteria to receive NHS Continuing Healthcare, a care package provided by the NHS arranging and fully funding care for individuals with assessed primary health needs.

To discover whether you are one of thousands eligible for funding that can help cover the cost of your care, or help pay a loved ones care home costs, complete our FREE online assessment today! Alternatively give one of friendly advisors a call on 0800 049 2062