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Care Costs UK Are On The Rise – Find Out If You’re Eligible For Funding

The rise of care costs UK can put additional strain not only financially but also emotionally on you and your loved ones. Continuing Healthcare is a NHS funded care package which is provided to individuals who have a primary health need. Funding has been accessible to those who have been fully assessed to meet the Continuing Healthcare Direct Funding criteria.


If you are 18 years of age or over, a UK resident and have been assessed as having a primary health need, you could be eligible to receive funding to cover 100% of your care needs. If you or a loved one is eligible, the NHS is then required to arrange and fully fund continuing healthcare for you which has been tailored to your assessed health requirements which is known as NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.


Each day, Continuing Healthcare Direct is contacted by people who are unaware of the available NHS funding, or who have not received accurate information from the relevant authorities. Many individuals find it difficult to choose the correct level of care for themselves or a loved one as well as understand the care costs UK for a specific level of care, but at Continuing Healthcare Direct we can provide you with in-depth knowledge of the best practices to secure Continuing Healthcare.


You can begin your journey today by completing our short, easy to use survey which will provide us with information regarding the care that you require. You can also contact a member of our funding advisers by calling 0800 049 2062 to receive additional information and answers to all of your questions regarding the healthcare cost within the UK.