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Avoiding Paying For Care Homes

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Avoiding Paying For Care Homes

Avoiding Paying For Care Homes

Care Home Costs

The cost of residential care varies and is dependent on the type of care an individual requires such as nursing care. If an individual requires nursing care, this increases the cost of care homes. On average, an individual can be expected to pay roughly £28,500 a year on residential care and this can rise to over £37,500 a year if an addition, an individual needs nursing care.

Paying For Care Home Costs?

Many people are under the assumption that if they have savings of their own, or own their own property, then they are responsible for funding there continuing healthcare and paying for care homes. Thankfully, this is not often the case.

Are you aware that the NHS is supposed to pay for your care home costs if you have what’s known as a ‘Primary Health Need’? If your primary need for care is a health need, you could be eligible for funding called NHS Continuing Healthcare.

However, many of the families who contact us suggest that they have not received any accurate information about this funding, our experts are here to help provide you with all the relevant and factual information you need to access the funding you are entitled to. Contact us today on 0844 248 3254.

Avoiding Paying For Care Homes – Covering the Costs

Under the Care Act 2014, it is a requirement for any local authority means testing assessor to confirm that NHS Continuing Healthcare funding has been considered at the outset. However, many families are still not informed about this. If you or a loved one require continuing care within a care home or need to know more about funding available, contact us at Continuing Healthcare Direct to discuss for Avoiding paying for care homes and who should pay.

Through a simple assessment process we can help you find out what you are entitled to regarding NHS funding and paying for care. If you’re paying for care homes or paying for full-time care at home and you have healthcare needs, you could be entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare. Call our team of experts at Continuing Healthcare Direct today to see if you are entitled to free care home costs, our number is 0844 248 3254. Alternatively please complete our FREE online assessment and we will contact you.