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Avoiding Care Home Costs With CHD

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Avoiding Care Home Costs

Avoiding Care Home Costs

Are you aware the NHS could be paying your Care Home Costs? Did you know you could be entitled to FREE NHS Continuing Healthcare funding?

If you are aged 18 years or over and are a UK resident with a primary healthcare need, you can avoid care home costs and could be entitled to receive NHS funding covering the total cost of your care.

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Care Home Costs

Care home costs can vary and depending on factors such as location and whether you require residential care or additional nursing care, can be expensive, with nursing care increasing your care home costs significantly.

On average you can expect to pay around £28,500 a year, in care home costs, rising to over £37,500 a year if nursing care is also required.

Care home costs are not the same in all parts of the UK, there are variations amongst regions.

Source: Laing & Buisson Care of Older People, UK Market Report 2013/14

 Region/Cost per week Care home Care home with nursing
East Midlands £555 £687
East of England £604 £788
London £625 £825
North East £515 £591
North West £480 £673
Northern Ireland £476 £656
Scotland £596 £743
South East £641 £874
South West £592 £791
Wales £497 £603
West Midlands £513 £694
Yorkshire and the Humber £489 £655

While you may not need residential or nursing care right now, it is important to take care home costs into future consideration.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

If you are already in care or about to go into care, you should have your eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding assessed. Funding for care home costs is not means tested, if you have primary health needs the NHS should be paying your care home costs in full.

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Why Pay Care Home Costs If You Don’t Have To!

Determining the right form of care for you is important and finding the money to be able to provide the correct care can be challenging. If you are eligible for Continuing Healthcare funding, you could save a significant amount of money on care home costs.

It is essential that you have an expert available to assist you with the application and process of securing funding for care home costs, our friendly, professional team will be able to advise you with the correct procedure to follow, the correct criteria to apply for in addition to helping you gather and understand information regarding Continuing Healthcare funding.

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