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avoid paying health care costs

Health Care Costs From Continuing Healthcare Direct

Do you or someone you know have a health need as a primary need for care?


If you do, you may be eligible for funding. The funding that is available to everyone who meets the requirements is a NHS funded care package also known as Continuing Healthcare.


The most common question we are asked is if savings or owning a house affects the funding. The answer to this is no. An individual’s assets do not determine whether they must pay for their care, it is simply their health and care requirements.


If you are a UK resident who is above the age of 18 with a primary health need, you may be eligible.


What does the funding cover?


The NHS is responsible for providing for all of an eligible candidates needs, and this may include accommodation if needed, whether it’s in their own home or a care home.


The Fast Track Assessment: If an individual is approaching the end of their life with a rapidly deteriorating condition, they may be eligible for the Fast Track Assessment, which will allow them to bypass the full assessment process and secure their funding . This allows an individual to receive the full care and support as soon as possible.


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