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Average Cost Of Care Homes UK

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Average Cost Of Care Homes UK

Average Cost of Care Homes UK

If you require continuing care and support, you may have already considered the possibility of moving into a care home. Amongst many important factors to take into consideration are the type of care you require and the cost of care homes.

Average Cost of care homes in the UK can vary significantly, depending on where an individual lives and what kind of care they require. The more specialized care that is the required, the greater the cost will be. If you decide you are no longer able to live at home, it is vital you take your time when researching the cost of care homes and what is available to you.

Furthermore, if you require additional nursing care within a care home you can expect to pay more for your care. In some areas of the UK, on average, the cost of care homes can set you back around £29,000 a year, rising to over £37,000 if nursing care is also required.

Other expenses may also include things such as clothing, toiletries, personal items and outings. When looking at the average cost of care homes UK, it’s important to find out what is included in the cost and what isn’t.

Did you know that the NHS provides a fully funded continuing care package that can cover the cost of your care and the cost of care homes? Not many people do! We have been contacted by hundreds of people who have been given inaccurate information or little information about funding that is available.

At Continuing Healthcare Direct we aim to provide you with all the relevant information and facts you need, regarding the Average cost of care homes in the UK and how you are going to be able to cover these costs. We can help you secure funding and relieve any financial worries.

If you are a UK resident and 18 years of age or over and have a primary health need, you could be eligible for NHS funding known as Continuing Healthcare. The NHS is responsible for arranging and covering the cost of care for those who are eligible for Continuing Healthcare therefore we want to help you access the funding that you are so rightly entitled to. Call us today on 0844 248 3254 and speak to one of our funding experts. Alternatively, complete out FREE online assessment to today and we will contact you.